Status update

I’ve been quiet lately. Not as many updates to the site as I’ve hoped. The reason for that, however, is that I’ve been busy writing a book: Oh No! The History of DMA Design. It’s still in the rough first draft stage, it won’t be finished anytime soon. But it’ll be as comprehensive a history as it’s possible to be. Lemmings to GTA of course, but all the way back to the first days when we met at the KIngsway Amateur Computer Club in 1983.

Aug 03

A Short Video History of DMA Design

Please find enclosed a short history of DMA Design, courtesy of Nostalgia Nerd who put together the video. And which I complained about for not crediting anybody for some of the content. And which I then got my ass handed to me because the list of credits is extensive*. Just not in the video itself.

There are clips from the DMA Office tour which I filmed in 1992, gave a copy to Mike Dailly who promptly uploaded it (and the Christmas Meal video) to YouTube. Last laugh’s on him though, because I still have the video of the DMA pudding eating competition and that time we filled Dave’s Jones office with empty coke cans and biscuit wrappers.

*I hadn’t woken up properly, OK?

Apr 16

Lemmings Tribes Pins

Egyptian Lemming Pin

Egyptian Lemming Pin

What amazing things I can find when rummaging around in the attic. I thought I had found all the DMA memorabilia, in boxes and scattered around everywhere, but apparently (and fortunately!) not. They were created, I believe, as promotional items for Lemmings 2: The Tribes. Of course there were twelve tribes in total and I’ve only found three pins. With any luck I have a complete set kicking about someplace. Now I just have to find them!

Space Lemming Pin

Space Lemming Pin

Beach Lemming Pin

Beach Lemming Pin

Jan 20

Newly Appeared Lemmings Graffiti

Graffiti of a Lemmings Level

Graffiti of a Lemmings level in Dundee

Sometime in the last week someone has taken the effort to paint an entire Lemmings level on a wall in Dundee, which as you know is the spiritual and literal and physical home of Lemmings.

As is usual for this kind of thing, no-one knows who the artist is. And if they do then they aren’t talking.

Thanks to David Paterson for bringing my attention to this and supplying the picture. He tells me there’s other worthwhile art there too.

Jul 11

First Shots from GTA Drama

Some images have surfaced from the production of the GTA docudrama. More information at Polygon and at Daniel Radcliffe Daily.

Jul 08

An Interview and a Repost

Nether Inn Lemmings artwork

Lemmings at the Nether Inn

Arcade Attack talk to me about Lemmings, in which I am called cool for the first time since 1976. Arcade Attack.

Body Harvest Render

A Body Harvest render circa 1996

Nintendo Life also asked to republish my article about the development of Body Harvest. Nintendo Life

Status update

After 15 years in the aerospace industry, I made the decision at the start of the year that it was about time I focused on writing again. It’s something I used to do for DMA Design and it’s something I loved doing – even when Dave Jones once asked me to write a full-sized Body Harvest novel in a month flat. I have a few projects in mind and now I have the time to do them.

Jun 03

Lemmings Plushies

I was charmed to receive the following link (and so, so many apologies for the time it’s taken me to post this) for custom made Lemmings plushies. Find some more at Little Purple Sewing Machine

Lemming Plushie
Lemming Plushie

Jun 03

Bill Paxton Talks GTA Game Changer

Game Changer – the BBC’s docudrama about the legal conflict surrounding the GTA sequels – has finished the filming portion of development. Bill Paxton talks to the Wall Street Journal about his time filming, which took place in Cape Town.

Bill Paxton talks GTA docudrama

Apr 09

Tweet from Brian Baglow (@flackboy)

News! Based on @davidkushner’s book! Dan Radcliffe as Sam Houser! Black Mirror director to helm! But who’ll play ME?

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