Monthly Archive: September 2011

Sep 25

Design Wars!

DMA had a Design Department, which lived in Room 2.7 of Discovery House. The whiteboard would often seem to be the centre of creativity for the room, and to blow off some steam. I took these pics with DMA’s Kodak DC40, one of the first widely available digital cameras, which would mean the pics were …

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Sep 18

GTA is Popular and Sells Well

Now there’s a controversial headline and, well, we kind of knew that anyway.  But it’s nice to have official confirmation.  Scottish Games has an item about sales of GTA to date. Although this blog kind of ends before GTA IV, it’s interesting to see the reach which GTA has.  Just to underline the  point, Genius …

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Sep 12

The Making of GTA Music

The Gaming Liberty has the most comprehensive interview with the musicians behind those GTA radio stations, I think I could ever imagine seeing. From the article: “Over the past few months I’ve had the great pleasure in interviewing four key players behind the music of Grand Theft Auto- Colin Anderson, Grant Middleton, Stuart Ross and …

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Sep 04

More Lemmings Graffiti

The possible Banksy Lemmings graffiti isn’t the only Lemmings graffiti to be found. I was inspired to try a quick trip to Flickr and Google, for which I came up with these. Can’t tell you much in the way of backstory, though…

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