Sep 25

Design Wars!

DMA had a Design Department, which lived in Room 2.7 of Discovery House. The whiteboard would often seem to be the centre of creativity for the room, and to blow off some steam. I took these pics with DMA’s Kodak DC40, one of the first widely available digital cameras, which would mean the pics were from sometime after 1995. It had its very own image format, which meant that I had to track down a conversion program to get them into an open format. The camera itself could store 8 (yes, eight) images at a time. We used it to take pictures for the newsletter, meaning that they could be incorporated much more quickly (my dallying aside) than a traditional film camera.

Although his particular afternoon had a Star Wars theme, that’s me in the top right corner, being a Vorlon from Babylon 5. Different as ever.

The Design Department Whiteboard

See the rest of the board after the jump…

Design Department Whiteboard

Design Department Whiteboard

Design Department Whiteboard