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Jun 08

A GTA Roundup

The Independent has a feature about the creativity of Brits bringing in the cash. GTA gets brief mention, but the article is also concerned that the talent is being snapped up by overseas companies. Planet Ivy meanwhile has an overview of Rockstar with a nod to DMA while some of the talent who didn’t become …

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Apr 05

GTA at the V&A

Grand Theft Auto is now also to be part of the 2012 exhibition at the V&A British Design 1948 – 2012: Innovation In The Modern Age. For the cost of a small round of drinks, you too can admire what has been achieved, and wonder at the long journey from pariah to plaudits. Lemmings was …

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Mar 27

Just the facts, Jacked

Discovery House - home of DMA Design

Shortly to go on general sale is Jacked! the “unauthorised” story of Grand Theft Auto by David Kushner. An extract was printed in Edge, covering some of the time at DMA Design. This led to a lively discussion amongst some of the ex-DMA people on Facebook. Since then, I’ve found a much more sizeable extract …

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Mar 10

GTA Challenges Hollywood

Friday’s edition of the Guardian had an article about the challenge to Hollywood posed by videogames. Dave Jones was quoted as saying that video games were still in the stone age. I remember a meeting we had in the 90s where he said exactly the same thing. The whole of the DMA staff had been …

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Nov 21

Grand Theft Auto was almost Canned

I’m a bit late to the party here. The news broke onto the web a few month’s ago, as you can see here. GTA Almost Canned

Nov 10

News Roundup

The University Observer has posted this retrospective for GTA III, in the aftermath of the tenth anniversary. C&VG has this to say about the whole DMA phenomenon, with particular emphasis on GTA of course.

Oct 22

News Roundup

In which GTA gets quite a lot of coverage, given that it’s 10 years old this weekend! There’s a new article about DMA before they were big. Not sure I’d characterise DMA as not-big before they transitioned to a being of pure energy (i.e. became Rockstar). At one time DMA was the largest independent game …

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Sep 18

GTA is Popular and Sells Well

Now there’s a controversial headline and, well, we kind of knew that anyway.  But it’s nice to have official confirmation.  Scottish Games has an item about sales of GTA to date. Although this blog kind of ends before GTA IV, it’s interesting to see the reach which GTA has.  Just to underline the  point, Genius …

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Sep 12

The Making of GTA Music

The Gaming Liberty has the most comprehensive interview with the musicians behind those GTA radio stations, I think I could ever imagine seeing. From the article: “Over the past few months I’ve had the great pleasure in interviewing four key players behind the music of Grand Theft Auto- Colin Anderson, Grant Middleton, Stuart Ross and …

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