Manual Override

I am fortunate to have a monthly column over at ScottishGames. So after a while the writing ends up here too, where I expand (and correct) the original. I can have more images too!

Manual Override: Category Seven

When I was young, I used to have a recurring dream where I was falling. Books from the library, interpreting dreams, were of no use in telling me what it meant. I was falling upwards into the sky, pulled by a force towards something I couldn’t see. I knew it was there, some horrific thing, …

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Manual Override: Development Hell

‘Development Hell’ is a well-known term for the painful gestation of a Hollywood movie. Whether modern AAA games suffer the same problems from concept to release, I don’t know personally but I am certain that they do. I am currently reading Tales From Development Hell, and whilst the movie industry is not the games industry, …

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Manual Override: Faux Eight

In 1995 no less a luminary than Shigeru Miyamoto called Dave Jones “the Spielberg of gaming”. This juicy marketing copy was in the wake of Nintendo’s N64 ‘Dream Team’ of which DMA had now become a part. Even at the time I found myself wondering, if this was the case, then who the Roger Corman …

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A whole story... in a still frame.

Manual Override: Photorealism and Emotion

Some time ago, 2K’s Christoph Hartmann, in an article with Games, talked about future consoles. He expressed the opinion that photorealism is the way forward. Games lack proper emotions and this is the only way to have them. Some of the Twitterati didn’t agree and a minor kerfuffle occurred. “Until games are photorealistic, it’ll …

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Steve at Home

Scottish Games NET 1st Column

The Scottish games industry, in part, began with DMA Design, before there even was a DMA Design. Strictly speaking, it all began with The Kingsway Amateur Computer Club (KACC). And if we care about mythology, the creation event was Dave Jones turning up to the KACC one evening with an Amiga 1000, thereby instantly making …

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