Short Fiction

I was a writer at DMA, or rather I became one. Starting off doing graphic conversions led to doing almost every task – coding aside – that it was possible to do with a game. Out of the mist of possibilities, it was story writing with which I defined myself. Since those days I have continued to write, to a greater or lesser degree, while holding down a day job. The irony is that at one point or another I playtested, designed levels, wrote music (really!), sketched graphics, maintained the internal website, wrote the newsletter, wrote the parody newsletter and created design documents but never did any programming: my day job now is almost entirely programming.

‘So although my writing became a hobby, it was still the main way I thought of myself.

I continue to write in whatever spare time I can manage. Occasionally I even finish something. Here is a selection of short stories and other writings. Where I’ve indicated, the story is released under a Creative Commons license. Simply put, in this version, you are allowed to freely copy and convert into other formats as long as you don’t use them for commercial purposes and my name and contact details remain attached. And if you do want to use them for commercial or other purposes… give me a shout!

Of All the Wonders that I Yet Have Heard

Another step on this ameliorative road and I’ll be normal; right in the middle of the Gaussian curve. Not too much of anything in either direction, neither supernormal nor lacking. I hadn’t known I was lacking, I certainly hadn’t felt within me anything but the full complement of feelings, thoughts and physicality. I was whole, …

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